Run : Gym 2 and the App

It's our last day in the gym. We ended our 1 month trial version that we bought a month ago.

I managed to run around 65km and walk another 15km in this past 30 days. I didn't lost any weights or feel any fitter - I just feel like eating more than usual ada lah =.= 

Tasy asked us to extend our gym subscription but I'm worried that if we pay for any 3/6 months gym passes, we might decide to stop coming and do outings instead. It's really boring to run on a treadmill and watch reruns of "Just for laughs" and "Mr.Bean" over and over again. The haze might has ended or will probably come again, but it rains everyday lately. So there is no outing runs yet.

We managed to buy another month's subscription before the promotion ended last weekend. I might want to run at night after work so I thought it would be useful for both of us. Those random nights of weird running-cravings. I have another 50km to go for my goal of 200km this year :F


What I like about 7days Fitness - Lakefield in front of LRT Sungai Besi Station :
  • Near the train station, easy to go
  • No chatty trainers
  • A lot of random people, doing their own things
  • I don't feel left out or inferior
  • Not too many people, during our sessions, or early mornings on the weekend

Useful things to bring to the gym :
  • Small towel 
  • Water bottle
  • Small padlock - for the locker
  • Your music & earphone

I posted about Runkeeper several times in my blog : here & here . I think I've been using the app since their first edition. They've come far since then, and they just launched the 6.0 version - cleaner and easier to use. Read more here : Here is the link



I think by then I've logged in over 600km running and walking activities using Runkeeper.
And I'll be 29 in less than 2 months ! Here's to a clean-healthy lifestyle :D

Here is a FREE to join fitness event by Fit Malaysia : 15 Nov 2015 : FM Run Selangor , you can register from the link there. There is 5 & 10 km run. 
And also FM Ride Selangor : 10 & 30 km cycling. 
All for free, but no free tshirts, just BIB number. That's a good event to start your fitness habits :D You can definitely join it. 
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