Little Things 189 : Wander


I'm still processing. What changed the most during this 3 weeks? Is it my freedom or my responsibility? Is it my choices or my decisions? Is it my constant thoughts to let myself adapt with the idea of having a new title tatooed on my ring finger?

I'm still the one that constantly feels the urge to take a long train ride to the unknown, the one that still steals the smell of cold morning dew, the one that loves to capture warm sunset in purple and orange. I still take my long walk in bookstores and eat things that I let myself eat. I still read books and play Farm Story 2 religiously. 

I feel like me, but different.


I don't write much often though, it seems to me like my thoughts are now synching in with my new status. I no longer think in one voice without thinking much of the consequences, I think in two voices. Sounding desperately to be the person that I used to be. So I'm lost in search of my voice in writing again.

Sometimes I write snippets of little things that come out of no where, I bring my little book and a bunch of pens everyday to keep myself ready. Sometimes I hide in toilet at the office to write about random thoughts so that I'll have my own silence to whisper me stuffs that I need to put down in written words. Toilets, of all the places. 


So what changed the most?  
Is it everything, or nothing, all at once?

PS : On lighter note, it is a positive feeling 

3 comments on "Little Things 189 : Wander "
  1. Hello! Salam Ramadhan. I really love reading your blog. I find it interesting to share my thoughts with someone else discreetly and at the same time I read your blog to enhance my vocabulary. So, two words, KEEP INSPIRING! ^^

    1. Thank you for enjoying my random thoughts and writing :D
      This is the one thing I love to do for such a long time, I appreciate your time spent here. Hope to see you commenting some mooore.

  2. Lol, who is who actually? What I meant to say is, to have the same thought. >< I'm so sorry!