Little Stories 87 : Muscle Strain & Stiff Neck 2

The pain was unbearable yesterday so I only worked for half day. I told my boss that I can't focus on my work because it was too painful and I can't even lift my hands to put them on the desk. So how else should I work without using the computer? She asked me to stay at home and rest until I recover.

An hour later, it became worse and I had to take a painkiller pill prescribed by the doctor. It was like a heavy pressure collected behind my right head and neck from upper most behind my eyes to my right shoulder. Every moves was painful.

The painkiller kicked in after 2 hours when I was at home =.=
And because I was in-denial thinking that I recovered from those muscle strains, I continued my day with cleaning up my cupboard. Half an hour later I was feeling light-headed and the pressure on my upper body was quite tense, indicating that my body was actually in a lot of pain but my mind doesn't feel like it - all because of the painkiller. 

I guess that's why some people are addicted to certain medications.
It makes us feel good. 

I took a nap and when I woke up,
the pain was back.
Padan muka. 

PS : The neck brace is an ugly looking thick foam in nude colour. 
I wish they design it better. My colleague called me : C-3PO. Ha-ha.
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