Little Things 172 : Obsession

Sometimes you don't sleep at night thinking about how the world is shaping slowly around you. You hear the rain talks in pitch dark night. You feel the wind dances early in the morning. You found your solitude, but you can't stop thinking about people around you. You worry about them.


People talk about obsession, layered behind other people, politic, power, religion, money, and all things attachable. We want too much, we want things to matter. Human want things to have meaning, we question - if life has no meaning, then what all these are for? Why we are even here?

So we search for reasons, we search for goals, we search for meaning.
We scrutinized every single thing.
Obsession in disguise.



If you can just let go. If you are ready to die in peace without being afraid of people forgetting you. If you manage to accept the thought of the world continues its journey without you leaving anything worth mentioning; your legacy, your achievements. Because you've done your story the best you could and whether it is meaningful or not is not in your outmost priority. You found peace within you and saying goodbye isn't something you are afraid of.

When the time comes,
you could see everything you leave behind and just smile.

That's the state I want to be in.

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  1. Never regret anything because at one point, it was exactly what you wanted.