Excerpt 12 : The Important Thing About Becoming a Runner

From NR Project :

What you have to understand is that most runners out there have no special abilities, we all started somewhere and we all struggle – present tense. It doesn’t get easier, not for anyone, but you get better, you always do. If you run – you are a runner, and every runner you meet will respect you and accept you because they know what it is like, they understand what you are going through. If you are out of shape and you go running, you may feel that other runners are judging you – they don’t. They celebrate and admire you, because what you are doing isn’t easy.  
What they are doing isn’t easy either, they just had more practice in making it look easy. If you want to be a runner, be a runner. Even if you have never done it before, haven’t got any special gear and not entirely sure what you are doing. The form, the speed, the ability to cover serious distance will come to you eventually if you keep at it. Remember that a large part of it, all of the excuses and the reasons why you can’t do it or can’t do it today, are in your head.  
Sometimes the best thing you can do is to stop questioning and just go and run.


PS : I like those writings a lot *in the blog, it doesn't feel like I'm reading an article. I feel like the writer is talking to me directly - and that is what we call a good writing :D 
No I, I, I just you, you, you. 

2 comments on "Excerpt 12 : The Important Thing About Becoming a Runner"
  1. i love this. one of my good friends recently inspired me to start running, and i'm only doing 20 minutes each time and i only cover about 2km hahaaha it's embarrassing but this post got me going more than ever, if i was even having the slightest hesitation from before. thanks azreen (:

    1. Yeah, you'll improve by time. This is the only outdoor activity that I'm quite good at, so I have no choice but to keep on running. Don't worry, we runners always support other runners. It's a mutual understanding :D