Notebook : Moleskine 1

Summary :
Type - Set of 3 plain cahier journals.
Paper - Squared/checked
Colour - Kraft brown.
Size - Pocket size.
Useful for - Doodles, writings, short note-takings, questions and thoughts.
Use it with - Artline pen.
Price - Around RM10 for each little notebook.
I like it for its - Paper quality, small-size.



Details :
I bought these little over-priced notebooks several times over the years now. It is really small, pocket-sized means you can put it in your back pocket, which I really feel convenient. I can put it in my bag and not feel like it takes too much space. 

I use one for my doodles, I use one for my poems and writings, I use one for note-taking. I like the empty brown-colored paper as the book's cover even though I know it will be a little dirty when it is overused. So what I usually do is wrap it with clear-plastic sticker for extra protection after I doodled something on the cover. 

The paper quality is great to be used with small-sized artlines. My personal favorite is Unipin 0.3 and Pilot Drawing Pen 0.5, that I can simply use for doodles and will try my best not to spoil any of the pages - knowing it is very expensive, somehow it motivates me to not make any mistake at all. It doesn't smear. I don't really like to use pencil in these books, because I don't get the satisfying pencil-effect as I get when I use our local Go Palm notebooks.


I'm not sure whether any of the information is useful, but as an avid notebook user, I really think learning about paper-texture really helped me make everything from doodles and writings to scribbles seem more eye-pleasing, after all I really like to go through all my notebooks over and over again. 
6 comments on "Notebook : Moleskine 1"
  1. These are beautiful.. I'm glad I found your blog. Doesn't the marker bleed through the paper? I always wanted to buy pocket size book for doodle but never found a suitable one. Where do you get yours? Care to share?

    1. No, the great thing is, it doesn't bleed/smear using artlines.
      Moleskine can be found in Kinokuniya KLCC, Borders The Garden & The Curve and several more big bookstores I guess, that's some of places that I could think of right now.


  2. haaa, kalau yg gopalm biasa tu guna pilot drawing pen tu it will smear. sebab tu guna pensel je. ouh ini moleskin eh. materials pun lain kan?
    *lamanya tak baca blog akak, dah lupa mana last baca.

    1. Haa, kan. Mmg tak sesuai guna pen, kalau gopalm tu.
      Moleskine boleh je. Tp tak sedap guna pensel pula.

      Lama tak nampak nama Mida juga :D

  3. selalu kagum dengan those doodles!