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Another infograph posted in The Rakyat Post's new media last week, click here for the original post. It wouldn't be cool to upload every single thing that I created, but I am super excited over this particular infographic :D

About the infographic :
1. The original written information were taken from Savemoney & Jobstreet. 

2. Those little buildings were bought and re-edited from Shutterstock because I didn't have much time when the task was given. But other things were vectorized by me. I am still in the process of improving my vectorizing skill so I happened to be quite excited over the little airport or the little duck, or the grass texture, or the traffic light or the graduation hat or even what to represent a geophysicist. Even the airport was slightly referred from KLIA2 :D

Example of what I did :
  • Google an example of a geophysicist
  • Vectorize equipments and simple landscape using flat design

3. Flat design - it worked best for me so far, yes, it is quite over-used and in-trend but it has been a great starting point for me to learn Ai. A lot of referance from Google's 2014 latest illustrations and Behance.

Learning has been super fun. 

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