Event : Art for Grabs Sept 2013


I'll be opening a booth at Art for Grabs ,
Annexe Gallery, Central Market
this 28th & 29th Oct ( Sat & Sun ).

If you missed the previous event, KLAB & Art for Grabs last June, here is your chance. There will be a lot of independent book publishers again and also our local artisan & crafters.



Check out their Facebook event, to see the whole program for those two days.


3 comments on "Event : Art for Grabs Sept 2013"
  1. akak, tempat tu dekat tak dengan lrt ?

    1. Kat Central Market, boleh berhenti kat Pasar Seni kalau naik Putra, Masjid Jamek kalau naik LRT.

    2. nasib baik saya check balik tarikh, kalau tak dah nak terpergi tadi ._______. haha !