Little Things 81 : Childhood pictures

When I was in high school, I was a bit of a collector. 

I collect things, they vary from normal stuffs like books, badges, postcards, cards, wooden pencils, stickers, pictures of artists : Alexis Bledel & Jeremy Sumpter , a file of printed pictures and articles on Aurora - the Northern Lights, comics, Card Captor Sakura's stuffs, printed plasters, letters, other people's artwork, to hard things to collect like pictures of people when they were small & also their passport photos.  


I was seventeen, and it was my last year in high school. Everyone was going to leave and start a new life outside our normal community. I wanted something that reminds me of them, and I wanted it to be special. So I asked for each and every person - their photo when they were small and their passport picture.

It was not an easy task. People hold on to their past quite dearly, and I was thinking : I want to keep something special about them, so that when I look at their photo, I'll remember how much effort they gave in helping me to create that. I succeeded. I collected around 40 childhood photos of my friends and juniors. I also collected around 20 passport photos of people too.  

I still keep all of it, and when I look at it back again, I'll remember the little stories behind it. I look at my friends in Facebook and I can see how much they changed and evolved. Works, marriages, kids, places. Those little things, make me happy. It's good enough for me. How long I was with each and every person I knew, was not really as important as how much great things I learned about them & from them. 

2 comments on "Little Things 81 : Childhood pictures"
  1. goshh you have no idea how I was sooooo into shaoran. I got jealous with Sakura at times, though I hated their separation. I liked Shaoran too much, and Toya too. Hahahaa..budak2 betul. Masa tu kat ntv7 kan?

    1. A ah , setiap hari Sabtu kan !
      Sgt la suka :D Obsesi syaoran+sakura.