What you Should Know About Blood Donation ?

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There will be a blood drive donation this Saturday at Jusco AEON. I'll try to be there and donate blood if I am qualified. It will be my 7th time ! It is held by Pusat Darah Negara (PDN).

For anyone interested to donate blood, but actually terrified by the idea of it, you should not worry ! I've done it many times, and it is not as terrible as you thought it will be. 

Before :
Sleep more than 5 hours the night before.
Drink a lot of water or fruit juices before the day. Drink around 4 glasses of water to keep your blood pressure up, 3 hours before the donation. 
Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks - it causes your body to expel water.
Eat 3 hours before the donation, avoid coming on empty stomach.
Donating blood is a safe process, each donor's blood is collected by using new, steriled needle and then it is discarded right away. Read myth on blood donation, here.

On donation day :
For the first timer, you will be given a little red book to record your details.
You will be asked to fill-in a 4 pages form : short information and tickable questions to ask about your health and important notes, and sign the form.
You will be weighed : you should be more than 45kg , they will take your blood to check your blood type, haemoglobin level, blood pressure and record it in the little book, you will be questioned :
  • Did you sleep more than 5 hours last night ?
  • Did you eat before coming ?
  • Are you on antibiotic or any medicine? 
  • Do you have fever, cough, flu, stomach ache? 
  • And other basic questions.

You will be asked to lay down and let the nurse do the work. It won't be painful, just look away if you are not that confident. But seeing the huge needle inserted is really something - I would recommend it if you are just as curious as I am. 
It is not painful - I think I can pinch you much painful than this.

After :
You will be asked to rest for 10-20 minutes to avoid light-headedness.
Usually they will give you something hot to drink and cookies and probably vitamin B.
Avoid doing heavy activities right away.
If you are feeling lightheaded, it's normal for some people - just rest !
Your body will reproduce new blood cells in 4-8 weeks, healthy new blood!

Who will benefits from your donation?
Accident and burns victims.
Cancer patients
Patients on surgery
Patients with bleeding disorders, immune system disorders, etc
Anyone, fighting for their lives.

Imagine you need blood - not in Edward Cullen's way and there is no one out there to help you. Imagine your family needed blood. This probably the least way to help others, indirectly.

Facts :
It will lower down the risk of having a heart attack by 88% and lower any cardiovascular attack like strokes by 33 %. Why? By research, it will prevent blood from thickening too much - read more.
Decrease cancer risk : lung, colon, liver, throat and stomach cancers - by research.
Blood can't be manufactured - it can only come from very thoughtful people. 

Oh, basic woman's question : Can you donate blood while on period?
The nurse will check your haemoglobin counts before the donation, if you are below the level - you can't donate your blood. So yes, if you are feeling healthy on 'the' day, you can go and check your haemoglobin level. See how it goes. 

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