Little Thing 39 : Table Manner

Table manner.
It is ever since that afternoon when my brother pointed it out, I started to be extra aware of it. 

I am not sure how we picked up this habit, I guess our parents trained us since we were so small it actually stayed in our head like a normal routine. I thought it is what everybody does, not until I started to become aware of other people's manner while eating and started to see our differences. 

Some of them are :
Close your mouth while muching foods.
Put your spoon and fork together after finish eating.
Put unwanted leftovers at the side of your plate, not on the table.
When you are leaving the table, put the chair back properly.
Don't play with your phone while eating.
Say thank you to the waiter/waitress.
It is so interesting to see differences around us. My brother and I usually get excited when we find something that we can discuss on. With him, I could go on with some issues that troubles me and he actually manages to listen and give opinions. My sisters are equal to toy soldier on my desk - it  only stares back at you.

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