Doodle : How to Help You Boost Your Energy


When you need to focus for long hours at work, school or university, you need energy to stay productive. Sometimes I take a fastest way out and drink a tin of coffee to stay focus on a job - I'm not proud of this, so I did some reading on how to help me find other ways to recharge my energy at work. Here are some tips on boosting your energy I collected over several blogs and articles :

Stay awake, earthlings! :D

4 comments on "Doodle : How to Help You Boost Your Energy"
  1. Hi~ I need your professional tips on doodling.
    I want to do something different and found your artwork and it really inspired me to do on doodling. Is there any tips for beginners??

    1. Hi Laila,

      I'm not so sure, anyone can doodle.
      Just do like what you feel like doing, you don't have to refer this from anyone.
      And be inspired by your surrounding.

      Hope it helps :D