Little Stories 15 : Misspells

Misspell Case 1 :

I ate at Kelantan Freid Chicklen with my mom. Yes, it was Kelantan Freid Chicklen. Not only did they misspelled the word Freid = Fried, just as most people would misspell weird = wierd, they have also misspelled the word chicken = chicklen! What is that even mean, chicklen? I used to snap photos of their banner in Pasar Malam years ago because I found the misspelling interesting. But a signboard as big as that in their brand new shop, it is just humiliating. 

Misspelled two words in a brand, is one thing.
Did not ask for others to spellcheck is one thing.
A person who registered their company's name without mentioning is one thing.
A person who made their banner and signboard without telling is one thing. 

I was dumbstruck by this ignorance.
Who should I call?


Misspell Case 2 :

Interesting flier I received.


2 comments on "Little Stories 15 : Misspells"
  1. kak reen, kelantan freid chicklen tu sebab tanak kene saman laaa hahahah. itu je. theyre smarter than u think haha :P

  2. Hahaha, Sol,
    I never thought that way. betul jugak kan.. :p