Food : Ramadhan Buffet



Luckily for this event, we were sponsored to break fast with them at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan, where the event was held. I don't usually dine in hotel to break fast, because I know I wouldn't eat much during Ramadhan month. So a chance to eat as much as possible was not really tempting for me. Ha.

Information :
RM 68 per person - adult
RM 38 per child.
Daily : 7 pm - 10 pm
Date : 21 July - 18 August 2012

I walked around to see what they were offering and I was excited to see colours everywhere. Like I mentioned before, I am not really a food lover. But to see so much colours from foods, that really captured my interest. I took my camera right away to snap photos. Although it was pretty obvious that people were lurking for food to eat. 7.15pm. It was almost break-fast time!

Let's enjoy colours and food fiesta :


Pictures were taken by using :
Lumix LX 3
I  hate watermarks, 
so please be informed that all this pictures are mine, 
thank you.

4 comments on "Food : Ramadhan Buffet"
  1. MAKANAN!!!! arhhhhh laparrr T__T

    slm ramadhan,
    cik ana

  2. Azreen, sorry to be out of topic, but could you please give me a little review on Lumix LX3? Planning to buy one, secondhand from my friend :D :D :D i am now using LX2 but the pictures turn out not so good in low light :(

  3. lawa pic yang awk ambik..hehehe

  4. kesian kita tok boleh tengok gmbr2 awak... huhu!