Little Things 24 : Perspective

While I was on the field trip to Cameron Highlands.

The four of us *my team went there bringing several cameras along. I think there were 2 dSLRs, 3 digital cameras, and 1 iPhone *had to mention it because I used up most pictures at Cameron from the phone. 

Back from the field trip, they gave me all of the photos taken there. I was the one who analyzed, chose and edited it for our use. The thing is, although all the photos were taken on the same day, on the same place, none of the photos are the same.

I love how I can see the timeline of those 3 days on the journey from different peoples.

Most of us were on the same place at exact moment, some of us saw the very same thing, but it was portrayed in different ways, each photos gave a unique touch of each person from their eyes.

When I look at those pictures, I can't stop to wonder what each of us thinking.

Did they smell the damp moss like I did?
Did they feel like the roses were talking with themselves like I did?
Did they touch the tea leaves using their fingertips like I did?
Did they feel the weather changes like I did?


It’s the simple things in life that are the most extra ordinary; only wise men are able to understand them.
Paulo Coelho.
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