What I use to Doodle?


As most people would like to know what I use to doodle, I made this post for you.
I spent hundreds for my stationaries over these 2 years *for fun, experimentation and works.

Reminder : 
This post is done to share my liking towards certain kind of product. You need to remember that everyone has different taste and you should explore that in you. This is not an important fact to know before you doodle because you don't need to have certain kind of pen or certain kind of paper exactly the same as I mentioned. Doodling is supposed to be simple and personal :)


1. Artlines 
Usually on paper, I prefer to use Unipin Fine Line. Got several types of size : 0.1- 0.8
Personally I use 0.2, 0.5 and 0.8 because I don't find reasons to use all the sizes in one go.

2. Permanent Marker.
On surface other than paper, I prefer to use Faber Castell permanent marker size S & M.
I've used so many types of permanent marker before, and I think I love this the most. 
I also use Staedler lumocolor on shrink plastic, but I think it is quite hard to find one at art store.
I personally avoid using Sharpie, except on plastic board.
And white board marker on paper is the big NO-NO because over years, it will start to turn brownish. Also, cheap permanent marker also does that. 

3. Mechanical Pencil.
I don't use traditional wooden pencil because the tendency to smear is high and I don't like it when it happens. Been using Pilot for long but some months ago I started to use Pentel because of it is much slimmer. The lead is for sure, Buncho *the best & cheapest of all. 

4. Paint Marker
Oh, I love the color effect of paint marker, but it is so hard to maintain the liquidity. The small sized paint marker tends to clog so often, it's annoying. The big sized paint marker also gives the same effect, you just need to use it frequently I guess.
Personal favorite brand? None.



Reply in the post if you have any other questions :D

16 comments on "What I use to Doodle?"
  1. does shrink plastic is same with shrink film? the one that we can print photos?

  2. on shoe? cotton based material? cloth etc.

  3. mana nk beli shrink plastic..ada link??

  4. btol2...ade link x tuk beli shrink plastic tu.. ^_^

  5. nk tnye mne bli shrink plastik tu ngan orang kayu tu..

  6. Nad : I'm not sure about shrink film. But shrink plastic is crafty items rasanya.

    makhlunkhalus : I'll post something on doodle on fabric later, yea.

    merahitujambu : Thanks :D Hope it helped.

    Shrink plastic? I never found it online. Kadang2 terjumpa di Daiso, itu saja. So hard to find one dah >.< And the org sendi was given by my friend. Tp I think any artstore ada jual juga :D

  7. # Thanks . I loved doodling, anyway :)

    Nak tanye, kalau acrylic tu sesuai untuk apa sebenarnya ?

  8. Uh, soalan yg general.

    Acrylic mcm lebih kuat dari water colour, tapi lebih kurang kuat dr oil paint. *pendapat saya lah..

  9. hadiah dah sampai tadi . :D Thanks kak azreen :D

  10. Your welcome Naimah! :D

    Oh Ikasah, sbb Sharpie tends to smear. And tak suka kalau atas canvas, dia kembang. Sesuai utk atas plastic je, pada pendapat sy lah..


  11. kak azreen , kat mane boleh beli blok kayu ???

  12. sharpie is not so good for drawing or colouring on paper.
    Anyway , where can I buy all of these??
    I can't find it :(

  13. Mida,
    You can find most materials at Popular bookstore, the stationaries part.