I'm lost 
by azreenchan 


I doodled this when I was in class sleepily listening to lectures.
This is my personal hand-made sketch book,
 where I can rearrange or add/remove the pages all the time ; )
You don't need fancy sketch books to pour up your idea.

3 comments on "Notebook.Doodle.5"
  1. hyep azren...saja ja nak bg tau..adore geela hasil tangan jgk nak minta permisison nak amik hasil kerja awak nak lukis kat kulit buku saya...bleh x?? sy lukis xsecantik awk pun..nak try lukis serius..xde idea cute mcm suka cloud machine tu..awesome kowt..huhu..kawan2 sy semua puji2...huhu

  2. I'm really loving this okay!
    I like your style of drawing..
    do you have any deviant art account?

  3. Encik dir..,
    Thanks! dan rajin2kan lah men'doodle' ya! :)

    Thanks :)
    No, I just closed my dA account.
    Only using this blog and fb page to post new artworks.