We got this habit of ours that is used to mock one another between us, siblings.

Famous example :

I take a picture of my sister when she's sleeping and send it thru mms to her phone so that the first thing she see is her sleeping face ( and not many people are proud of their sleeping face, me included ). And because I always wake up later than everybody, she will then snap a photo of me while I'm sleeping, send it to my phone and make it my wallpaper. And that, is a brilliant idea of fighting back.

But now, seeing I'm using Nokia 1661, without any handphone's camera, I can't play that stupid game anymore.

Boohooo, me ~
1 comment on "Stupid.Game."
  1. thats okay~~

    at least you don't post it on facebook lol!

    p.s. I wonder how i look sleeping...