Random : Post.On.My.Current.Life

It's been 5 weeks since my first working day in secretlab. :) I did a lot of exercises using Ai and Ps. I also got many excesses to arts and graphics and the working world which I know will help me throughout my years ahead. I promised myself that I'll make something out of it, and yes, I'm happy I'm doing my internship here. (At least at this moment, I hope I won't be singing this week. Please~! )

I went to the library yesterday. The classic hipermedia library, where I used to hang-out. I went through all the shelves, I renewed my membership, I borrowed two books. While absent-mindedly tinkling my fingers through all the books, finding several books that I've left marks on. My fingers felt uncomfortable with all the dust it had collected, yet merrily picking books with interesting title, nice cover. The buzzing air-cond. The surau where I used to take a little rest. I felt glad. Some part of my past isn't changing much after all. And there's all the books, still waiting for me, to be read. :)

I found David Sedaris's new book in Borders several weeks ago. I wrote about him in this blog last year if I was not mistaken. The disturbing stories about his simple life. The humor he tried to share. I'm not sure whether I should try to read his new book. I mean RM50 is a big number. It will take about 3 days of my working days to collect that much money.

I haven't been in contact with my friends much. Well, I got no access to IM at work. At night I'll rest. I hardly use handphone to send msgs or call people? I also work on weekend. So, yeah, I'm quite busy and I hardly miss anyone that much. I miss my freedom in Uniten, yeah!!

I draw quite a lot.

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