shoe 2

100% Hand-drawn.
Shoe size-5, Colour-white, no specific brand, RM15.
Various color of acrylic paint, base acrylic colour - white.
Permanent marker black - Faber Castell.
Time taken to finish - 7 hours
Status - Brand new, never been used, for sale
Selling price - RM 30

6 comments on "shoe 2"
  1. ni jual? nak!

  2. nice~~ lawaaa bna~
    yg picca bwh tu~ nice contrast~kii~~
    ur gettin beter n better~~

  3. reen i want to buy this shoe

  4. really like this,can u make one for me in size 4?

    the price is rm 30,what about the postal charges?

    my email: