Event : 1-day at Machi Mochi Market

Another short noticed event that I joined this year : Machi Mochi Market at Sunway Velocity on the 21st of Oct (Saturday). The organizer asked me to fill-in an emergency Saturday slot for 'Apom-apom' because they can't join on that day. I knew the organizer, so I'd said 'yes' 😃

I'm quite happy to learn that local illustrators are emerging slowly, I saw several new faces at the event among old faces ❤  

Here are the stuffs I bought from my fellow participants (more stickers + artprints) :


The event took place at the 5th floor of Sunway Velocity, it was quite a nice space with cute lights, dedicated space for sharing sessions, artisan booths and small workshop. But the crowd wasn't as much as I anticipated (maybe because this was their first event) :


Anyway, other worth mention : 'Seven Cups' cafe (an artisan cafe near our event). I bought an iced Matcha Latte from the cafe and I felt like I was in Japan again. 

Image from their Facebook
I bought my own Matcha powder several months back so that I can make my own matcha latte at home. But it didn't taste as good as the ones at the cafes, and so I asked my brother "why is that?", later I found out that it is because I refused to add sugar in my own drink :F 

"Everything tastes better with processed sugar, love ❤ "  


Next events in Nov + Dec :

  • Comic Play, Publika ( *still in application process )
  • Etsy Made Local, PAM Bangsar
  • Comic Fiesta 2017, KLCC
Happy weekend, guys 

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