Little Things 227 : Perfect Strangers Project 3

I participated in the Perfect Strangers project by Oh Comely Magazine again last December. This was my third participation since 2015, read here about my first Perfect Strangers project.

I came in to the office a day after my birthday leave and saw a big parcel on my table :D Finally it arrived, it felt like getting a birthday present because the parcel did arrived at my office on my birthday. I had to wait until after work hour to open the parcel at home.


I was really excited. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving parcels with curated items by people who really want to make an effort to send something, even to a total stranger and we actually had to wait up to a month for our parcel to arrive after we signed up for the project.

I opened the parcel and saw a lot of mini packages wrapped in brown papers and colourful ribbons. It was the most delightful moment, I had to snap stories for my IG instead of taking pictures because it was getting late and the lighting in my room was quite bad.

Items I received :
  • 2 mini and super mini green notebooks
  • dried oak leaf
  • huge fur cone
  • mini wooden doll used for drawing
  • peacock's feather
  • home made hot chocolate with added chocolate chip and marshmallow
  • sketching set : 3 graphite pencils, 1 woodless graphite pencil, 2 sketching sticks, 1 kneadable eraser
  • mini canvas and mini easel stand
  • a hand-written note in a card

Here is my favorite stuff; the pine cone.
Look at the size, it's bigger than my hand!
I never saw a pine cone this big.

I also love the oak tree, now I put it in my doodle book :

I got several artsy-stuffs, because I mentioned that I am a designer.


Here is my take on the item I sent to Nikki :


I'm definitely going to join again in the future.

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  1. Did you buy the magazine to join this project?

    1. No, you don't have to.
      Just sign up at :