This Week's Findings 03

1. Article :
Why I am the worst social media consultant you could ever hire by Rhys Howell :
Struggling to promote your product in Social Media?
You need a better product - not better social media.
True. Great product goes viral effortlessly. When you are really 'good', people will do the talking. If you struggle, then your product is not great enough for the people, keep on improving. Tough love.

2. Moleskine Review :
Moleskine Cahier Small Squared Notebook (Set of Three)
Let's be frank, Moleskine = pricy. And like everything over-pampered, they are quite fragile. They are elegant, simple, minimal and straight to its function, everything I like about a notebook. Plus : I don't need a fancy cover to match, because I know I'll keep those in things I plan to create in the notebook instead. *So Muji & Moleskine's product work for me.
Size A6 : I love everything small, A5 & A6 are great pocket size items in my bag.
Paper quality : quite limited, mechanical pencil works the best in these books, most artlines are not - the paper is quick thin and the ink might be visible from the next page. What I use is Pilot 0.3 and that is decent enough.
Cover : Plain, and the texture might be a little furry after awhile. Dirt = ugly defect esp. oil spill.
Price range : RM30+ per set ( 3 notebooks ).
I used to buy these books, customize them and resell it, back in 2010. These days I use it for myself, too latzy to customize anything. Phew.
Recommendation :
Don't buy if you are not a notebook addict, and against buying over-priced items.

3. Icons :
Find icons from IconFinder, I do a lot of infographic for my daily job, so I find usable icons from there. Make sure you read the rules : some are free, some are only free for personal use, some under CC and other licensing.  

4. Politics
It's dirtier and filthier than I thought it would be.
But that's human's game. Expected.

5. GenY Latzy
There's this arguments on this topic : GenY is the worst generation aka Lazy.
Gen 'Y' fights lazy tag by Andrea Davy and Generation Y lazy by Ryan Gibson were some of article written reviewing this topic. Some agree and some disagree. Interesting arguments, some good points taken, some points worth to be discussed. 
In general, it might be true, but with reasons. I saw that coming and I, myself often struggle with some points they mentioned. But lazy? Not true, I currently work 2 jobs, weekend or no weekend, holiday or no holiday, along with my small business. 
Let's discuss this in later post.

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