Little Things 84 : Go Local

I was trying to find the latest Yuna & Aizat's song : Dwihati that was released on iTunes a week ago, when I saw the latest album. So last week I bought Dwihati and enjoyed the tinkering music, listened to it until I fall asleep and this week I decided to buy Sixth Street that was released early last month on iTunes. Finally, Yuna is up on Malaysian iTunes! There are 5 songs on the EP, for $2.49 , ie : RM 7.70 , so 1 song = RM 1.50. If you support local artists, you can buy their songs on iTunes, if you don't, go ahead and download on the net or something. 

I personally love "I Wanna Go", "Young" and "Musician". I went to work today and listened to her soothing voice and music. I was and still having a bad flu, I felt like I was half-asleep half-awake the whole way. I hardly remember what happened this morning while I was commuting except for her loud voice swimming in my head. 

It reminds me of Zee Avi's abum - Ghostbird

PS : Mom said I have a very odd taste in music. She hated Yuna. 

4 comments on "Little Things 84 : Go Local"
  1. vote out local. haha.

  2. kak azreen, waktu gi genting haritu ? ada tempat solat ke kat dalam taman tema tu ?

    1. Ada, tgk je sign atau tanya information center.
      Time baru sampai dan turun cable car kat atas tu, ada satu, dekat dgn toilet.
      Kat dalam indoor park pun ada.

    2. oh, ok .
      thanks for the info, kak azreen ! :)