Homestay : Day 2 : Kmpg Peruas, Raub

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Day 2 :

Home-stay Kg. Kuala Medang :

We woke up early in the morning and had a nice breakfast with our host family, before we started our outing. Our first destination was local little food factory. With a warm welcome, they showed us a demonstration on how they make Sambal Hitam and Mi Sanggul. It was my first time on tasting those Sambal Hitam, and I loved it ! We brought back home a bottle of Sambal Hitam and a packet of Mi Sanggul as complimentary gifts from them. 
PS : We finished up the Sambal Hitam in 5 days and I just made my own Mi Goreng Basah today using those Mi Sanggul - and it tasted good ! Or so I thought , plus my mom said it was nice too. 

Later, we had an interesting ride on a 4WD pickup truck to get to a local camp site near the river and a deer farm. I saw a huge spider while everyone was focusing on those shy deers. It was quite interesting to see them feeling much safer if we were separated by the wire fence than being together in open space. 
PS : Those deers ate banana ! A lot.


Mi Sanggul & Sambal Hitam Demonstration :


Deer Farm


Our second : Homestay Kg. Peruas, Raub

We started our journey to the next Kampung in Raub after lunch and Zohor prayer. It took about an hour or so, to arrive to the destination. I had a short nap in the van and I saved my iPhone's battery for my use that afternoon, later we found out that we can't reached 3G in the area. Being an internet junkie *well, most of us were , I learned to survive without the net for a day :D 
PS : I survived no internet for almost a week while I was in Beijing. 

After enjoying a nice tea-time : Ubi Keledek with Gula Kabung and Pisang Wap , we walked around the Kampung. We went to the famous chalet called Chemerkau Chekas Hj Mustapa and saw their signature attraction : Kampung Joy Ride , a special vehicle using empty oil barrels that supposed to take us tour around the village that afternoon. But we missed the ride, maybe next time ?

We also visited their famous waterfall : Lata Jarum. When I arrived there, I was excited to see the exact spot of the previous pictures I saw in their website. The water was so cold and refreshing. The area was surrounded by green rainforest all around. It was getting dark, I wished we had stayed longer.


Visit Lata Jarum & Pulau Chekas


Accommodation & Facilities :
We stayed in a small comfortable chalet next to the river.
No internet connection , no 3G, no WiFi , yet.
Night : There were a nice cultural show by village kids , BBQ and karaoke session.

Contact :
En. Amran bin Hj. Husin
Homestay Kg. Peruas

For more info , visit :

4 comments on "Homestay : Day 2 : Kmpg Peruas, Raub"
  1. teringat zaman budak2 nakal dulu mandi kat sg. chekas dgn lata jarum =]
    miss my hometown so much..

  2. Memang nya dah jarang balik hometown ?
    Air kat lata jarum sejuk benaa. Tp tak sempat nak mandi2.

  3. Lama gak sebenarnye. Sebab geng2 bdk2 nakal dulu dah xde. Balik pun dah tak happening mcm dulu.
    Adoi rugi la tak pegi mandi, mmg sejuk mcm berpuaka hahaha.
    Masa kau pegi tak tengok ke tmpt rumah Mona Fendy skali??

  4. Sempat celop kaki je :D
    Org kampung tak bagi pergi rumah Mona Fendy, dia tak galakkan, lalu je ade :p