Little Thing 35 : How to Stop Being Easily Offended

Sometimes people get hints from interesting encounters. 

Lately I've been feeling offended by many little things. No, I am actually easily offended by everything, I called myself "an overly sensitive soul". I usually begged for people around me to not disturb me in any ways possible because I took things too seriously. I tried to change several times, but I failed, I was born like this. In simplest way, I just hoped that people would understand and keep a safe distant around me. I seriously won't disturb people with no reason, I'm super serious. I don't know why some people enjoy disturbing others.

I can have a decent conversation with people, of course I can. But I just can't really handle jokes on wrong timing, racism jokes, sexism jokes, annoying jokes, many other jokes that I failed to register, sarcasm, moodism, and those little things people take so lightly. My eyes used to water when my friend jokingly said "I hate him because he is Indian, I hate Indian" and I horridly said "That is racist!", slowly realising that people make jokes like that on regular basis. 

Easily said, I don't have sense of humour and I take things seriously.

I discussed with Mr.S yesterday on this. About being easily offended and irritated, how to handle this? It is not healthy, and this is what I received in my bloglovin' roll, it is like a huge hint to help me!


How to Stop Being Offended ?

1. You need to acknowledge this.
Say this : I get offended easily. This is to tell yourself, as a reminder. We usually get offended when we are picked on, talked about, ignored, teased, see someone throw rubbish on the road, or when someone cuts you on the road, maybe almost everything. 

If you know this problem, you can make room to overcome this.

2. Don't be offended by things that you can't change.
If the car behind you put on high beam, let them pass. If people make bad jokes you can't handle, ignore them, learn to tune off instead of trying to give sarcastic comments or worse; try to argue with them. 

3. Give yourself time to think.
Find a time to process things, and focus : is it worth it?

4. Don't take it personally
Ha, this is quite tough. When you believe in your value, it is hard to not take it personally, because you usually hold on to those things that is dear to your heart. If it matters to you, try to share your thoughts with people, and if they don't take on the same flow, remind yourself to not take it too personally. 

5. Give others the space to be themselves
Respect others, give them as much space as they want. If it hurts you, tell them to respect your opinion too, if they are still hurting you, walk away. Agree to disagree and walk out of argument. Tune off. 

I have a friend that love to irritates me, with no reason. So I tune off and ignore those remarks, completely. It does not work all the time, but eventually they will understand. 

6. Avoidance
Just avoid it.
Some people are born to be bullies.
And some people are born to be victims. Ha.


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PS :
I doubt I can fight this.
But I'll try.

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