Little Stories 18 : Doodle Years


It's 2012, another couple of months before 2013. 

Last weekend I found a doodle in my drawer, dated back on 2010. Back when I was still a student, surviving exams and finals. Back when the year was so full with lively experiences of my little achievement from doodling. A field I never thought would bring me to the point I am now today.

It was a fun ride. There were ups and downs. There were little fights over childish imitating behaviour, immature attitudes, odd requests, cancelled projects, and disappointments. And there were also many personal self-achievements I am proud of. Sometimes I feel like a child, wanting to tell my parents, " Look at what I achieved, are you proud of me? " ,  a thirst of attention from the child inside of me. 

Me : Ma, are you proud of me?
Ma : I achieved a lot of things too when I was young. It was nothing new.

*Tett..* Not an answer I was looking for.  Sometimes parents don't know how much we yearn for their little praises, even though we are long gone from being a child. Being adult stops you from getting those little things we took for granted once. 

A spark of reality hits me. That it matters to me, I do this for her and for myself. A task I learned to enjoy. I love you to bits, Ma. And it is now the time for me to take care of you ❤ 

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