Movie : Premium Rush and I

I missed writing terribly. In this past 17 days without writing, I tried my best to consider it as my days with real life experiences and stories. I told myself that I needed this to be a better writer and observer.

I've read around 5 books, including novel graphics and travelogues. I've been to many places. I met people. I joined group activities such as watching television that make me felt dready after several hours. I shopped and walked and talked and cooked and all those social activities.

All without any drawing, doodling or writing.
It almost kick my patience, I was nearly attacked by anxiety.
And I'm back again!


This topic reminded me of yesterday's movie I watched with Mr. S : Premium Rush.

Wilee is an example of an adrenaline junkie. Adrenaline junkie is a person that enjoys and addicted to the thrill of adrenaline rush. Usually it is also associated with extreme sport and typical activities like river rafting, rock climbing, bungee jumping. Anything associated with danger, and is highly risky. 

You know the feeling when you are out of breath, heart rate increases, the '"act now or die" moment. It will give you extra oxygen, energy, hormones. and euphoric feelings. 

The movie gave an interesting view from adrenaline junkies. I knew such people existed but I didn't really understand their condition. Maybe due to my almost serene and slow pace life I cherished so much. 

In the movie, Wilee chose to be what we call "reckless cyclist". He chose to use the most basic condition in a bike ; no brake, no gears. He chose not to be trapped in the normal life behind office desk like his friends. He wanted to be on the road, constanly moving, where he needed to think and act fast all the time. 


How is this movie be connected with the introductory paragraph I just wrote above?

Well, It opened my eyes a bit. 
Although I don't wish for fast pace life, I know I am addicted with doing and producing something. The need to write or draw or doodle or read or anything as long as I am not lazying around. The foolish act of waking up from unplanned afternoon sleep with my heart beating up so fast because I feel like I've just wasted my time, sleeping. Is that even normal?

I do wish to be a little reckless once in a while. Knowing I plan almost everything, gives me a little feeling of being trapped in my own invisible rules. 


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