Little Things 20 : Half Blind

This is how I see if I don't wear my glasses on *well, almost.

Half blind.

When I was small, whenever my parents took us out for dinner and on the way back home, I took off my glasses and stared at the window. You know how us, near-sighted people see the lights without any glasses on? It shimmers in colours, with dark black coffee skies as the background. I'll squeeze my eyes and move my face and those colourful lights will move along, dancing.

I can't remember the moment I can clearly see without any help from the glasses or contact lenses. I was  11 and it was so long ago. I remember saying this when I was 11 : "Aw, I can't be an astronaut anymore because I wear glasses. So I'm going to be an archaeologist instead."

Well, apparently I am not both.


1 comment on "Little Things 20 : Half Blind"
  1. you always can be both in ur artworks!! :D