It's hard to expect people would accept you for who you are, fully.
I am so aware when I'm being myself, for fear of rejection.

There is a little nudge on my heart whenever I see my friends are getting married without mentioning it to me that I found out later via facebook pictures. Somehow I never thought it would upset me.

Plug in some music and walk away.
6 comments on "Rejection."
  1. no one would acccept u fully, by time many more thing comes up

  2. And I should eat up those rejection and be a man? Stand straight and be brave on facing the world! :D

    You made your point without putting a dot. Which I considered as something that you haven't explain fully. Or am I thinking too much? Where's the dot? Okay joking. Not funny, I know. Sorry.

  3. ok here comes...the dot. "."

  4. in this world there are things that we can change and there are things that we can't. even if we really want to. If that something, u really can't do anything to change it. Why bother thinking about it? If u can change something that u dislike, then take an action. But remember that the person that u can have full control over is only urself. Don't be dissapointed if everyone else is not how u wanted them to be. If its not your fault they behaving the way they are, then there are no benefits of thinking about it.

  5. Thanks Manchot!

    I guess I have high hopes & expectation on everything, and it hurts me a little when it doesn't goes along with my expectation >.<