Confronting Your Allergies

What are you made of? 

Here is some ways of learning about allergies and ways to reduce or avoid them. 
Be informed that I'm not a doctor and this is only from my experiences.
You should seek for professional advices if necessary.

Allergic :

1. Allergic to prawn

Unluckily I am allergic to prawn, mainly certain kind of prawn. I think I can die if I eat a huge lobster (like, seriously). Normally, if I really want to eat them, I'll eat 1-2 littlest prawns after finished my dinner/lunch. It will usually take about 3-5 minutes, before my throat will start to swallow? (that's how I imagine it would be), I'll feel itchy, and a little bit hard to breathe. Next, the back of my tongue will feel itchy. It will usually take about 20 minutes or so. I'll take antihistamine if it take longer than 20 minutes. I'll feel nauseated too :)

Other sign is marks like a map or spots on my body. Usually my hands & thigh, the worst is when it spread to my whole body including my face. It will be a little bit hot and super itchy, that's when I need my injection (occurred once, thank God). And yes, the worst of all is when I'll start to breathe heavily, making weird sounds while breathing and feel like dying, and start to promise to myself that I'll never eat prawn anymore. Aha. I lied, I will still eat them, I love seafood too much, I can't bear not eating them. 

What you should do (if you love the foods that you can't eat) : 
  • Eat antihistamine before you eat those killer food 
  • Eat moderately, please. Don't ever eat like you are a normal person, because you are not, and it can kill you. You don't want to die because you eat prawn, don't you? 
  • Try and error, usually, you are not allergic to all type of prawns, so, you can try and see the effects! 
And no, there's no cure. 

2. Allergic to dust

You thought you are having a flu. But alas! No, it is just an allergic reaction to dust. How to differentiate them? Im not a doctor, but here I'm just talking through experience. Hope it helps :)

Flu, you will usually feel a bit drowsy, and feverish. You will feel tired and the back of your eyes burn.  A bit sluggish and tired. Usually occurred for days. What you need is normal medication for flu.

Allergic reaction usually starts with several unstoppable sneezes. You will need a lot of tissues, you will feel tired for sneezing too much, it will usually take a couple of hours to calm down. 

What you need to do :
  • Make sure you know what causes it. Old cloth that you choose to wear that day, dusty bedroom, etc. Wash or clean them, take a long breathe outside *clean environment, wash the inner part of your nose, and drink warm water. I don't know scientifically it is right or not, but it works for me :)
  • Avoid dust! Clean up your room, and wash up your clothes frequently.

3. Allergic to sweat

Allergic to your own sweat (yes, seriously). If I sweat too much, I'll start feeling itchy on my neck, shoulder, hands, chest and then it comes the rashes and the burning feeling, it sounds stupid, but unfortunately it happens. I met several dermatologist before, and they gave me several creams and prescriptions, well in the end, I found my own cheap solution. 

What you need to do :
  • I avoid direct sunlight especially on hot afternoon. 
  • If I sweat, I'll make sure it will dry fast. 
  • Don't ever scratch the itches, or it will become rashes almost instantly. 
  • Who ever said put lotion will help, well, they lied. Ditto talcum powder.

4. Allergic to skin products 

Make-up, lotions, soap, cleanser, any products will do.
Usually it starts with itchiness, also pimples/rashes *a great indication that you should stop using the product. Simple. If you feel itchy, then stop using it. Yes, it is a little bit hard to take a good care of  sensitive skin. You will probably avoid using any make-ups like me! 

Soaps & lotions? Well, no other way, try and error. If you feel itchy after you started using it, then you should understand that it is not meant for you. Alright? :D

So, there goes my allergies list :)

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