Little Thing 226 : 30th Birthday

Tuesday : Birthday leave, because no one should work on their birthday !

I turned 30.

I survived 30 years of human's life ♥  I always have the feeling that I'll die a bit early and maybe I won't even reach this age, but I did somehow, with God's will T^T This feels like I reach the third check-point in my life. 

Life is still like this, I am still working, still writing, still doodling, still travelling, still reading like I used to 10 years ago. The biggest change in my life would be being married, but somehow I'm still not pregnant (yet). So nothing changed drastically. I am still me, but I'm 30. The number sounded big, huge, and old, but nothing feels different much inside. 

I'm still the sarcastic introverted person, less gloomy and dark than before, but still the same-old me. I'm a woman now, I've left the childish version of immature girl I used to be, the one who doesn't want to grow up and doesn't speaks her mind. In a way, I became more bad-ass and an ass myself, but hey, I realized that it was who I am from the start. 

I noticed that I've always been this loud and stubborn person, the difference is I embraced who I am now instead of hiding in second layers like before. So instead of 'perfecting' my social media view of how people see me, now I don't really care much. I hope people can see that I am this not-so-friendly, a bit awkward, sometimes too open, sometimes just don't want to open-up, a little bit too reserved, choosy-picky person who doesn't want to socialize or try to fit in. Ma always reminds me to show the best of me in social media, so 'no-goofiness-no-whines-nothing', just curated view. Of course, I never agree with that. Can't let people think I'm nice and friendly when I'm not :F I'd be betraying myself if I keep on showing perfected little life I'm having in social media, kan? 


Anyhow, on other stuffs regarding my birthday :

We celebrated at The Manhatten Fish Market
I love seafood and my sister is on diet + avoiding rice and meat, so I just decided to dine there. We got 3 free birthday desserts + unlimited chosen drinks *that we didn't want because there's too much sugar in everything else so we asked for plain water instead. My family also bought a huge cake as well even though I'm trying to restrict my sugar intake, gah, I ate a lot of those afterwards.

The flamin' platter :


We also watched The Assasin's Creed. I dozed off several times, I got lost along the way, the storyline was messy, the changes between real world and inside the Animus was a bit too distracting, there's no character development so I didn't get attached to anyone from the movie. All in all, other than Micheal Fassbender as Callum/Aguilar, everything else seemed a bit like a movie franchise-trying-too-hard. I've watched Af played Assasin's Creed for far too tong to know the game meant something for PS gamers. But the movie was not. 3/10 stars, 3 for Micheal being there.

Plus I redeemed my free birthday juice at Boost! - Opted for huge Mango Magic. And I still haven't used my free movie ticket from GSC yet. 


For my little sister's birthday - her birthday on the next day, I gave her :
  • Canvas sling bag for our next family trip
  • 2 temporary tattoos with wordings 
  • Hair Oil 
  • Shungite pendant from Russia, the one that I ordered for both of us from Etsy. 
Note : Shungite is all black carbon mineraloid - it is not like other crystal or gemstones. It is said to shield-off electromagnetic radiation from your phone, tv, or computer. It is also used for water filtration, natural anti-oxidant and ancient healing process. There's a lot of research regarding the use of shungite medically but I'm not really into those stuffs much. I just love how black it is compared to all the shiny gemstones, and considering both of us are quite dark and sarcastic, I like how it represent us. Black and not-shiny, but really resourceful. Kan?


For my 30th birthday presents :
I chose these 2 books from Kinokuniya, one is the picture book/comic by Lorena Alvarez : Nightlings and another one is Infinite Icon. I also received a black Macbook cover/bag, new black super stretch jeans for work, a comic : Matilah Kali Ini by Santa Fung and money. Looove every presents came from my family ♥ because I don't have friends anymore hah hah. Except for Tasy who wished me early and perhaps Ping (?). 

Other people in Ig wished because I told the world that I just turned 30, so that doesn't count lah, main tipu. 

Ohh, and for my own birthday present, I subscribed for unlimited Premium classes at Skillshare - because I got the 0.99$ for 3 months offer again. Remember I once took these premium classes when I was a freelancer here? I love the classes offered there, I'll try to cram as much as I can in these 3 months! And more new paperback fictions that I'm still waiting to be published.

My current read : Snow by Orhan Pamuk


I'm 30 !
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