Little Things 188 : Listen

Most of people I've been with only listen to words that come out from their mouth. I learned that not many people have that authenticity to listen. The things that we say and things that we don't say.

Some people have a good listening skill.
Some people don't.

Some people prefer to talk.
Some people prefer to listen.

Some people can hear things that you are not saying.
Some people can't hear things that you are saying.


Personally I think a good listening skill consist of abilities to listen to both what people are saying and what people are not saying. This might be connected with having a high EQ - I'm not sure whether some people are just born with high EQ or it is possible to train ourselves to learn this - maybe both (?).

The good thing about this is we can hear stuffs - when people are lying, when people are sad over telephone call, when people talk in sarcasm or metaphors, when people are trying to convey certain thing over attitude and limited explanation, when we talk with children or old people, etc. 

The bad thing is also that we can hear stuffs - sometimes things that we rather not know, or hard to process, or things that we don't know how to react to, or too much noises going on because we keep on hearing things.


I choose to let this post without the ending point to summarize it.
Because for this, even though I can hear stuffs, most of the time I choose to not process everything. I rather keep all the noises in their places. Maybe I only use my listening skill when the time is right, little by little. By practice, someday, maaaybe I can finally listen to everything and put things in good use for a better life.
So who am I to summarize such a vague statement?

As for you, maybe you can try to consider exploring your listening skills too.
You will learn a lot by listening to things around you,
rather than forever listening to only your own voice yapping to yourself.

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