Little Things 171 : Mehhday & Sweet Things

It marked my younger brother (20th Feb) and older sister's (9th Mar) birthday few weeks ago. My brother just came back from Germany after 5 months student exchange program so we decided to celebrate their birthdays on the previous Sunday. We did another feast of syabu-syabu at home and invited some family-friends. 


And he made this tiny pavlova and meringue dipped in nutella for us yesterday, like he promised. Look at these beautiful coloured fruits :

These strawberries are mostly sour, but it tasted fine when mixed with Nutella. He bought 2 bottles of a really huge Nutella for 3euro, around RM 12 each. What we have in our local supermarket is around RM32++ for the big bottle one - *not even as big as the one he bought. More than double the price. 


Here is the tiny pavlova, his fourth try-out :

Thank you Mi !

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