Little Things 106 : Lunch Session

I noticed that if I can't do gossip,
I'll be having a hard time mixing with the girls.
It's like your social status depends on how many stories you can talk about especially the one about other people. I don't care much about other people's private life - that leads to = nothing much to tell. I don't read gossip sites or newspapers or even follow celebrities' Instagram. I have almost nothing to tell about other people in social gathering aka "lunch". And I pretty much hate to talk about myself to strangers.
I feel like being in high-school all over again .
4 comments on "Little Things 106 : Lunch Session"
  1. honestly i hate gossip the most. as if all we are here in the world for is to discuss people's lives in such a way that we chatter about their most personal aspects and judge them for it. "she's not pretty at all", "ohmygosh she's so skinny" and "i don't think he's good enough for her" etc etc. i try to never dabble in gossip because i think it's really petty to talk about people's lives as if we know them inside-out.

    we don't. and i believe that we have so much more to talk about than how a person looks or what a girl is wearing today or how is the relationship holding up. what about nations? what about wars? what about poverty? yeah. i don't like gossip at all hahaha.

  2. Wise man says if we cant be a good talker we can try be a great listener ;)