Little Thing 37 : Motivational Moves

Being human, I have my good and bad sides. But I live my everyday life as good as I can. Although people can point and judge me for every single thing I do, I try my best to not take it too personally. And although people said that it's just between you and your Creator, well no, actually it is also between you and people around you. 

We revolve around one another whether we like it or not.

If I keep on showing my emotional-pathetic-moody-loner life in my social networks circle, the negative energy will revolve around it too. So I keep on putting motivational doodles and links, in hope to spread positive energy. At least, I believe in that. If I try to help myself everyday, the least way for me to help society is by sharing what I read and learn everyday.

Hope it goes to a good use :)


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