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My third doodle on frame.
Acrylic Paint and permanent marker.

4 comments on "Frame.3"
  1. dont know why when i see u working with this kind of doodle, i will stare at it and wow--

  2. Isn't this kind of doodle is the easiest? I mean, No limitation, no rules. Just follow what your hand and mind want to doodle.. . .

  3. yea, its easiest and simple..
    i keep spending my classes with fulling my book with this kind of doodle..
    its simple, but its fun and happy art..
    bcoz everytime i keep staring on it,
    i smiled and wow..

  4. salam...
    tumpang tanya
    boleh ker
    nak tempah frame yang lain skit..
    nak cam gmbar pengantin...dgn nama pengantin...