Books - Reading Slump and Random Stuffs Stuck in my Mind


I've been stuck in a reading slump. After 'A Little Life', I haven't been able to enjoy reading. Sure, I finished 'The City of Mist' by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and 'After the Quake' by Haruki Murakami soon after, but I didn't enjoyed it. I'm also trying to continue my current books : 'Less' by Andrew Sean Greer and 'Love from A to Z' by S. K. Ali. But I can't seem to enjoy them.

I hate reading slump.

This usually happens after a great book. I feel like there is nothing else worth my time.


Random - 

  • It's raining heavily since 4 pm (right now it's almost 10 pm)
  • I'm tired everyday due to the fasting month. I don't do well with less food intake. I'm exhausted, I'm tired, and I'm cranky. My blood pressure is low, I feel like blacking out every time I stand up. Sure, I didn't lost that many weight, maybe just 1-2 kg. But if I lose more weight than that then I'll be underweight and I'm trying to avoid that.  
  • But my skin is clear, there is almost no acne. Actually, it was since February. Since I decided to change my skin care to Aiken Prebiotic, everything went smoothly. I stopped having random acne, and I'm happy. I don't really wear make-up so having clear skin is my dream (or maybe I'm just older now so I suddenly stopped having adult acne?). 
  • I've been watching 'This Is Us' new season on Hotstar+. It is so amazing. I always tell Af that I want to write stories about normal life and normal people, and this is the exact representation of what I imagined it should be. Complicated stories and daily dramas of normal people. I can't really share with anyone that I know about the series because I don't really know anyone that watches this. But man, I really love the series. The story and character developments are just amazing. 
  • And yes, I enjoyed Bridgerton Season 2 for the pure love of love-tension between those two. I enjoyed it so much too. I giggled like a school girl, I can't remember when was the last time I felt so excited with romance series (I bet it was in my school years). It's been awhile and I'm happy that I felt so entertained by Shonda Rhimes' creation again. 
  • I think I had 5 interviews and 2 design tests this month. I hate trying to prove that I can work, I hate selling, I hate having to explain. I'm not sure whether I should start working full-time again. I seriously don't want to prove anything to anyone. 
  • Well, it's 10 pm now. I'm sleepy and I am so tired. I'm glad we had this random chat. Good night.

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