Little Thing 251 : My Ergonomic Setup

In Oct, after 4 sessions with a chiropractor and physical pain coming repeatedly every so often in the past 3 months, I decided to improve my working space *also by my chiropractor's recommendation*. He said that my working habit is possibly my main reason for the repeating problem, plus perhaps my sedentary lifestyle.

Maybe my posture while working is bad, or when I work, I work non-stop for several hours, or everything while I'm working is wrong because the pain gets worst especially when I work. Although I studied the principle of ergonomic while I was a student and I remember those rules, I never really put that much thought on it because things were fine. Of course it is fine, until it is not. 

10 years after my bad working habit, I now started having obvious outcome from it. The infamous neck strain, shoulder pain and lower back pain. 

Anyway, I had to do something. 

This huge buying decision came from my condition after several months in pain and the Samsung project's balance payment that came early in September. If it is not from these 2 reasons, I might still be working in my original working desk and old worn-off working chair. I would like to mention this, because I don't really like unnecessary buying and I hope everyone would consider twice before purchasing something :)

1. The Anew Smart Desk - I preordered this early in Oct and waited almost 3 months for it to arrive. By preordering this, I get it for a promotional price + premium desk mat + anti-fatigue mat. 

I think I needed a smart desk because my back pain get worst when I sit, so standing up while doing some of other works like packing or admin works might help taking the load off my back.

Note : I paid using Atome - split the payment into 3 payments without interest.

Here's how my new working space :

2. Sunon x Apex ergonomic chair - it got adjustable armrest + head rest, 3 locking back function with lumbar support and also height adjustment. Supposedly everything a good ergonomical chair would be. I also added a 100% latex lumbar back pillow to support my back because I am generally a small person in a medium-sized chair and the space between my back and the chair isn't good for my back :F

Note : My chiropractor reminded me about having a good back support - I thought good sitting posture is enough, but no, he said it is important to have a good posture and support because having no support means your body is still working hard to maintain the good posture. 

3. iPad wooden stand - I am having second thought about using this wooden stand as my iPad stand while drawing. It is uncomfortable, but it is helpful because I don't have to bend so much while working on my ipad. It is supposed to reduce the pressure on my neck but maybe I need to do some adjustment to it.

I haven't decided on recommending this yet. 

4. Monitor Stand by Fine Grit Studio - I bought it on their Shopee with 20% discount. It is solid rubber wood, love the natural finishing, visually appealing and it is very sturdy. This helped me reduce my neck pain and made my table now look so organized :

5. Wireless keyboard by Logitech and extended Monitor by Armageddon - I needed wireless keyboard because I'm using extended monitor. I totally forgot about Af's Apple keyboard when I made this purchase.

The extended monitor were bought early in 2021 when I was working with the startup in Singapore. The original monitor was white, but it was faulty last Dec so I returned it to them and received a totally new monitor 2 weeks after I returned it. I am finally using the extended monitor for its original use (thank God for the 1 year warranty).


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