No Longer Updating

Hello !

I don't think I'll be available to update content for this blog anymore. I know I've been writing on this platform for almost 10 years and I had fun, amazing time with you guys. Thank you for being here, for reading my written thoughts and feelings.

The reason why :
  • I started my Patreon last year, and it took most of my writing time nowadays. Although I've been trying to keep up with writing/sharing twice every week, I'm planning to upgrade to 3 times a week (for different tiers) and maintain the consistency. Yes, most of things that I shared about are related to my works and projects. Three times a week is a lot, so I've decided to focus on that alone.
  • I'm not sure whether people still read blogs. For all I know, I just write things for myself all this time.  
  • I also make books/zines for my travel. So I don't think I want to share in a blog form anymore, it feels like a redundancy.
 I still keep all previous entries here, there are a lot of useful content 😃

Where you can find me :
Thank you love ! ♥️
1 comment on "No Longer Updating"
  1. I still read your blog! :D

    I love reading all your posts, especially the honest-deep-thinking-stuff, I am a huge fan. *shy* Sad to see you leave but good luck for your future. :P