Movie : Isle of Dogs

We watched Isle of Dogs, directed by one of my favorite director : Wes Anderson last weekend. Af'd been anticipating the movie for awhile. I wasn't. Although I love Wes Anderson's movies, I do not like stop-motion. So the movie was not in my list and I just watched it to accompany Af.

After the movie :
Booooy, I was wrong (*Like I was wrong when I decided to not watch Kubo and the Two Strings).
I loved it so much. I cried at least twice.
There were 2 things that I just can't 'tahan' : Animals and kids. Combination of both always make me bawl.

Things I love about the movie :

  • The whole aesthetic values : colours, design, frame shots, fonts  
  • The detailing of unique characters : "Oracle" because she can 'see' the future just by actually understanding how TV the works, the gossiper "Duke" although we don't see male gossiper in real life that much, "Chief" that was always there with the pack even though he refused to follow the boy "Atari", so it was so much fun to see him everywhere in frames always a bit farther than the pack.
  • Everything looked staged : organized and structured, as usual. Eye-gasm for OCD-ed eyes. 
  • A relationship between animals and a boy T^T
  • OmyGOD the cottons for cloud and smoke.
  • I love everything - if you have never watched any of Wes Anderson movies, what are you waiting for? Please start now and binge on everything he directed and produced - even short stories and ads are worth you time. 

Image credit to The Bearded Trio blog

Questions :

  • Do you think we can have a relationship/bonding with cats as strong as with dogs? Dogs seem to understand human and I always feel intrigued and awed by that. I wonder whether Awan even care about me after 7 years together T^T Noooo, Awaaan.
  • How can someone be this detailed ? Such dedication bothers me a lot :
I love them tiny maggots

I wrote about his movies before : 


Official Trailer :


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All stars out of 5★

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