Little Story 228 : A is for the Apple that you Gave to Me

Way back in 2012, I wrote this.

Gahh. Fast forward to 6 years after, and so many changes : I now own an iPad. I no longer hated the idea of having an iPad. I think this happened after they have created an Apple Pencil and at the same time a lot of companies created apps for people like us. I found it exciting to be able to draw/doodle anywhere without having to bring my MacBookPro (even though my MBP is small, it is still heavy to bring everywhere + wacom tablet + wires). So I always leave it at home.

But this is different, they have evolved. 
I loved it, I wanted it, I've put it up in my Patreon wishlist as an investment for my small business. I thought I'll be buying it next year probably after my next 2 trips because I need to invest on my trips first. So although it was in my mind, I didn't think much about it.

Blog title credit to Ms Langtree ♥️


Until came to our 3rd wedding anniversary last month. During our dinner, Af suggested exchanging our presents. I didn't have anything to give to him because I already promised to buy a new shoes for our next trip. I can't buy a surprise shoes, he needs to try it on and chooses it himself. So I didn't have anything at all :F

He passed to me a small wrapped gift and when I opened it, it was an Apple Pencil. I felt grateful, sure, but it was still a long way to go for me to buy an iPad - to give me an Apple Pencil is a bit mean (or so I thought). 

"Why give me something that I can't use ? - this makes me feel the pressure of having to buy one soon". But I said my "thank you" nonetheless. 

But then, he passed me another plastic bag with a box in it. 
This one wasn't wrapped and it was an iPad. 

" Nooooo, freakin' way ". 

It was definitely an iPad and it was not a joke. I've never seen this one coming, so I was a bit overwhelmed :
  • I didn't have anything to give to him at that time
  • My budget was limited to buying him a nice shoes
  • I thought I'm not going to have an iPad for at least another year
So I was excited + mixed with emotions.

Af bought me an iPad and Apple Pencil ! 


:F I'm so happy, can't argue with that. 
I  installed all my nerdy apps for work + travel use (because I'm that kind of nerd) :
  • Procreate (for digital illustrations + doodles)
  • Wunderlist (for checking ✓ lists, of course)
  • Scribd (for all my digital + audiobooks)
  • Airbnb (for accommodation)
  • Agoda (for other accommodation option)
  • XE (for money exchange currency)
  • TripIt (for our travel plans)
  • Dashlane (to organize passwords)
  • Sell on Etsy + Etsy (to manage my estore)
  • Netflix (to watch Will Graham anywhere I want)
I also bought a cheap-o iPad cover that I can use to keep my iPad and the Pencil from Lazada. I'm serious guys, I'm at the state of needing to use almost all my money to prepare for 5 events and 2 international trips in less than 5 months :F 

Every pledge means so much to me ♥️


Aaanyway, that's a little story about how I got my unplanned iPad and Apple Pencil. Af said I've always wanted to be able to travel and still work/manage my business. This should be a nice investment for Azreenchan T^T And I want to cry all over again.

Thank you LOVE,
Happy 3rd Anniversary ♥️

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