Mini Escapism : Avillion PD + Ma's Birthday

4 days after we got home from Sabah, we got another mini escapism planned out for Ma's birthday in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. We were obviously still catching up with workloads and other stuffs after spending 5 days in Sabah, so that week felt so short. 

We spent 2-days at Avillion Port Dickson, a super fancy-mancy water villa. By far, this is the most expensive place we've ever stayed (for a budget traveller like us) . This was a sponsored short holiday for us, so we accepted it with open hands ❤

The trip started with :

1. Lunch at Burger Byte, Seremban
People suggested this place, so we went here for a lunch when we first arrived in Port Dickson. They cater most western foods specifically burgers. We ordered several different dishes, I shared with Aja because I was worried the potion might be too big for me. We ordered for a combo set of 2 patties (chicken & beef), mashed potato with 2  small broccoli pieces + 2 small cauliflower pieces ( for their price, I think they should have be more generous with their vegetable potion). Their patties and mashed potatoes were great ♥

2. Avillion Beach Resort
From the lunch stop, we headed to our hotel and it took an hour ride. Our hotel check-in time was around 2pm (it was also a full weekend - I guess it was school holiday season?). We never went to a 5-stars fancy beach hotel, so we were a bit 'jakun'. 

We got 2 villas (one with a huge king-sized bed and another one with 2 single beds) - my siblings and ma got the one with the one big bed + extra bed at the Pangkin for 2, and Af + me got ourself the other villa ★★★★ It was beautiful and huge ! There's a door to the open sky bathroom with bathtub, huge rain shower and a small toilet. There's also a sliding door to my own private balcony so you can have a view of the sea or even fishing.

Short weekend at Port Dickson

My favorite part was the huge rain shower, but it was a bit uncomfortable to take a shower in a open sky area with no ceiling :F 

Extra stuffs : Pet farm, 2 pools (one for everyone another one for adult only), karaoke lounge, children room & playhouse, spas, fully equipped gym, tennis courts, several lookout points, nature walk, steam & sauna, peacocks walking around the area. Faaaancy. 

3. Embok Village Steamboat
For dinner that night, we went to Embok for a steamboat and grilled fish (but unfortunately it was full house for an event), so we decided to order some seafoods. We just got back from seafood galore in Sabah the weekend before, so for me, this wasn't the best seafood I tasted this month. It took around an hour to get our food, Ma was already feeling sleepy (so it wasn't the best place to eat out during the weekend night).

Food for 6-7 people costed : RM 160

4. Late night birthday celebration at the hotel's 24-hours restaurant
After our dinner, we went back to our hotel and waited for Ma's birthday. We ordered for 2 juices and spent the time there chatting until 12 am. My brother made a 2-tier birthday carrot cake in purple (Ma's favorite colour) with fresh flowers. We ate our cake, passed our birthday gifts and we went back to our villas back.

5. Next morning super-big Breakfast Buffet
I love breakfast buffet (because the food isn't as heavy as other buffet). If I was not mistaken, the morning buffet costed around RM 40 per person (which was way expensive for us) but we got 50% discount using special passes. I think I ate until my stomach can't process anymore, this wasn't my proudest moment. My favorite were hash potatoes (not salty, not too mashed), camembert cheese slices, several types of ham slices, and fishes. 

Short weekend at Port Dickson

6. Walking at the beach
By the time we wanted to walk on the beach after our big breakfast, it was around 11 am and it was  already painfully hot. The glare was too much for my eyes, I couldn't even open my eyes properly. I borrowed Ma's sunglasses and walked along with the others. Af wanted to shoot a short videos but I couldn't participate,  I was the first one to go back to my room and I hid in the darken room where I pull down all the blinder. The sun was never my best friend and I need to do something with the condition of my eyes.

Short weekend at Port Dickson

Finally, we checked out at 12 pm and our short stay at PD ended 😩 

Personal thoughts :
This is definitely a nice honeymoon spot ! You'll get a great view of the sea, everything was so beautiful with thoughtful tiny details, personal space with everything oh-so-fancy and romantic. We are very grateful for this chance ❤❤❤
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