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Last weekend, we watched the latest famous horror movie that used to haunt us when we were small, IT (1990). Before we headed for Af's shooting for a contest that afternoon, we watched it together at Alamanda (AF + my whole siblings sans my brother). It's been ages since we watched any movies together, and knowing this movie is related to our childhood, I thought asking them all out was a nice plan. 

The 'old' IT (1990) :

I remember when I first saw it, we were still living in the Mardi quarters. That night after we watched the movie, it was almost midnight and Ma said it was already too late (because we got school the next day). I was probably 7-8 during that time. My older sister and I had to brush our teeth (and we were terrified - remember the toilet scenes?). She rushed to brush her teeth as fast as she could and I tried to keep up with her. I was smaller, so everything I did was a bit slower. She ran, pushed me so she'll be ahead of me, and left me in the bathroom. Leaving me alone, crying, because I was scared =.= (or that's how I remember). I was scared for quite some time afterwards, it is all because of the movie.

When we grew up, I bought the VCD to re-watch the famous childhood horror movie and we did watched it together (and it was super bad). The scenes were funny, the effect was bad and the ending was frustrating (if you haven't watch the 1990's IT, don't be surprised when IT finally turned into a giant spider). I might be biased, because I'm not afraid of spiders so the thought of something horrifying/ghost-like finally turned into a giant spider, well it was not exactly as scary as the odd-looking clown.


The 'new' IT (2017) :
There is something about the arch of his eyebrows and his awful unnatural smile that makes him a bit uncomfortable to look at. Also how the eyes go sideways when it shows its sharp teeth was amazingly horrifying as well. This was a nicer version of the old horrifying clown :

Anyway, I hardly watch the jump-scare parts so I was safe. The movie showed a lot of scary faces so it wasn't as scary as horror movies that hardly show 'the ghost' (just the present and unseen entity) - which I think gives better effect in using our imagination than trying to capture the things that we are scared about on screen.

The idea was a bit old-fashioned, maybe because it was written in the 1986 (and I did read the book - I didn't like it as well). So clown and giant spiders aren't exactly as scary as other current horror movies in the market.

One of the main way to fight this evil-entity is by not being afraid of IT or what IT shows because most of the time, it is not real. Maybe the message here is just trust your guts and fight-off the scary things that lives inside of you instead of shoving it up to IT and let IT feeds on your fear.

All in all, yes, the movie got a lot of jump-scares and it didn't even ends there (because there will be the second part in the future). It was nicely done as well, but I just didn't really like the idea. It was a good entertainment to keep up with the latest version of the old 1990's movie, IT. If I let kids watch this movie, I'm pretty sure they will be scarred for quite some time like we all did when we were small :D


Gremlins (1984)

I also watched Gremlins on Netflix last week :D
Gremlins is the bad version of a cute furry looking animal called Mogwai. There are several rules regarding these Mogwai (looked like those 90's Furby) :

  1. No bright lights
  2. No water
  3. Do not feed Mogwai after 12 am
Look at those human nails ! Ewwh.
Here's a thing about re-watching your childhood horror movies : it is ridiculous and funny (because of the bad effects). These Mogwais look like hand-puppets in some of the scenes and those bad multiplying and morphing scenes ! I cringed so many times. How on earth did I gave myself permission to be afraid of Gremlins under the bed when I was small :F

Other worthy mentions : Child's Play (1988), Tremors (1990), Evil Dead (1981)

Note : As we grow older, we learned that monsters, zombies, aliens and evil creatures aren't real. What we are really afraid of are unseen things, those sounds in your living room, those feelings when you know something isn't right, those corners your cat stares at, and of course, evil human beings, deep dark lake and cancer :F
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