Movie : Logan vs Last of Us

We watched Logan right-after we were back from Japan (of course). Af has been waiting to watch it because the trailer was nice and he loves Logan - a bit farther off than normal superheroes movies, while I love older man = Logan is an older man = watching Logan means watching cool older man (hah-hah-hah). But I don't really like super-heroes movie, except as dark as this one.

My thoughts after we watched the movie :
  • The movie is almost exactly like the Last of Us , a game Af played for several weeks, almost 2 years ago - I sat watching the whole gameplay because it was that engaging T^T
  • So I can't stop to compare the similarities, it reminds me back to the game because I loved the game. I cried twice watching the game, I cried twice watching the movie T^T Old men and children's tears are my weakness. 
  • If I can't stop comparing with Last of Us, that means I already put a standard and if I already put a standard that means I will decide on which movie/game was the better one. Last of Us WON - even though Af said it is not a contest :D 
  • Laura looked a lot like Kendall Jenner when she was young.
  • Still loving Joel than Logan. The character development in Last of Us was super strong because the game took longer to finish :

This was a trailer for the first Last of Us in 2013 and for the second Last of Us trailer in 2016, so exciting ! I can't wait for another good game to watch. The latest trailer threw audiences in a lot of speculations (!) but I didn't want to read any of those write-ups because I want to watch Af play it like watching a movie again :


I think the whole gaming community agree with this similarity (especially the father figure x child relationship), so I found a lot of memes, fanarts and comparison photos online (I copied from their shared link, so you can get the sources by clicking it on the images ) :

2 comments on "Movie : Logan vs Last of Us"
  1. I bought the game because of the story line. Never had time to finish it. I watched the gameplay on youtube instead. And yes, the similarity is astounding. Loved both the game and the movie for the writings.

    But I must say, Dafne Keen looks a lot like the black haired Anna Faris in Scary Movies. Now that you've pointed out Kendall, yeah, I see that..

    1. Yess, same with me. I played the game half-way through and I didn't finish it because it was too stressful. Being in the dark hiding from the infected or trying to pass a group of gangsters - it creeps me out. Haha.

      Kendall has this straight face that Dafne has too.
      Anna Faris's face is a bit too friendly in comparison :D