Little Things 231 : Do you bleed?

I went to the office's toilet at the end of the corridor this morning.
The fourth floor of our building. 
There are big windows at the end of the corridor, opened.

I smelled the freshly cut grasses and sunshine. I asked myself, is it? Is it really the smell of the freshly cut grasses? Is it possible to smell it far up high? Does the grass bleeds and that is the smell of their blood when they are mutilated and cut open? Do they feel the pain?

Later I found out there were people cutting out grasses along side of the road in front of the building that morning. 


I watched Split last night, and I was touched by the ending's wrapped up line. 
About the broken being more evolved, stronger, perhaps mentally in this case. About how the brain creates a mental barrier towards something painful or traumatizing. I used to call myself 'the broken ones', so it is relatable - in a way, I know what it feels to be in a club where no one wants to be in. 

We know what it feels like.  

I'm telling you for you to know that I survived.

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