Little Thing 228 : On Creativity and When to Start


I was one of those people : the ones who feel like they are not good or skilled enough, the ones who feel afraid to tell who they are because they feel like they are not qualified to be one. True, I didn't learn graphic and the rules of designing when I was a student. True, I started with such a low salary that I didn't dare to tell my friends what I'm gaining compared to their salary at IT department.

But I'm way too stubborn too give up, and I hated the labels or inferiority. I wanted to put myself in the place where I can negotiate things that I can offer and what people want to offer to me. I worked myself day and night, weekends and holidays. In those early years : I sent more than 30 emails to random companies that might need some skills that I can offer, I applied more than 30 jobs even without strong experiences in the job I applied for, I accepted so many random freelance jobs : to learn, to learn, and to keep learning. 

Everything I want to learn, I make sure I start learning and keep on improving throughout the year.
Try and try again. Even if it's ugly, or wrong, or need a lot of amendments or get repeated rejections. 

That's how I get here, that's how I taught myself that I can be what I want to be if I want it strong enough :) Anyone can start somewhere. You just have to make the first step : Just Start.

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2 comments on "Little Thing 228 : On Creativity and When to Start"
  1. It's like what I feel. I'm not studying art and design at the uni so I never feel good enough compare to other people. But I really love to have experience work with anything related to art and design things.

    1. Well believe me, it will never be enough.
      So just keep trying and don't listen to your own self-doubts.