Little House : Clothes minimal, NOT

We moved back to my red bricks apartment last weekend.

They are still staying with us until March, after we come back from our Japan trip. So for now, Af & I are going to stay in the medium-sized room in my apartment. We finally have a large windows and sun lights ! And our own personal moss-free wardrobe. 

Moving out has always been a fussy matter.
One of the things that I hate is organizing my clothes because I have piles and piles of unused stuffs. So 4 weeks before moving back in, I went back and took out all my clothes from my old wardrobe and started to divide it into 3 piles : Definitely will use, Probably will use, and Will never use. The ones that I will never use were donated at the charity box near my home : a huge pile of clothes, the size of super-packed big IKEA bag! While the ones that I will use and probably will use were taken back to my rented apartment to be washed in the washing machine. That was phase 1.

Phase 2 was re-organizing all the clean clothes and filtered again. I did 3 phases of filtering to decide on which clothes that I will really use and which clothes I will donate because I shouldn't be keeping all these old clothes that I don't use anymore. Learning to let go things is something I need to remind over and over.


Clothes :
Among all my clothes, most of the stuffs I hardly wear were donated to the charity.
I now have :

  • 2 jeans *black & blue
  • 2 outing t-shirt, 
  • 2 track suits,
  • 5 running shirts
  • several pajamas & stay at home shirts
  • 2 telekungs
  • 6 working semi-casual shirts,
  • 6 kurungs, 
  • 2 singlets
  • 2 bras
  • 2 sport-bras
  • 4 socks
  • 2 towels
  • at least 5 tudung bawals (black x 2, red, dark blue, purple)
On dozens of running shirts :
I had to filter all the running shirts 3 times before deciding on which running shirts I do want to keep - even though I actually wanted to keep them allllll T^T I can explain each running shirt's history to Af, like my first run, or the night run when I had a bad headache and we all looked like flamingos, or the ugly red cotton shirt from our UPM run when Af first started to run in an event officially, or the nicely designed purple running shirt that I really like but seemed a bit too tight nowadays - and remember that I did looked good in it, or my first 21km finisher's shirt ! Can you believe I have around 20 running shirts? Even the ones with super ugly design and colours that can blind the eyes!

So I only kept several, I donated more than half of it. I now have 2 of my Milo running shirts for training because I love those shirts, and my favorite orange Harimau Malaya running shirt because it looked nice even though it looked a bit worn-out, one of the light blue running shirt that I might need, my finisher's shirt and the black shirt from our gym :D I think I still have a lot of them..

It is an organized mess.

Extra note : I'm a bit clingy to my old kurungs, because I personally selected them and I like having them even though I can't remember the last time I wear any kurungs these days.


On keeping clothes :
Being a woman is a bit fussier in terms of keeping clothes, because we have so much layers and clothes for different occasions and use. On one occasion, we can wear : tudung and anak tudung, and bra, probably a singlet then the shirt itself, and then underwear, and the jeans, the socks and the shoe : at least 6-9 items at one time. While man can just wear the tshirt, the boxer and the jeans! 3 things, and 4 including the sandal.

Af is simpler, like this one black shirt; he can use it for work, for outings, for events, and even for working out. So his wardrobe is less packed than mine - he's super proud of it =.= I'm actually inspired by him, because his goal is to have everything minimal and keep only things that he uses all the time. So it's easy for him to pack stuffs for travel or choose anything to wear everyday.

Learning to be minimal and keep all items that I will use - only is hard.
Having only 2 tshirt that I use when I go out is hard. It's either that black tshirt or that dark blue tshirt, repetitively. For the work shirt, I keep it all in rotation. So the one I wore for that day will be washed and dried afterwards and kept in my wardrobe in the last line, so I will meet it again the next week. That way, I won't get confuse and wear the same shirt in the same week. Any clothes that I don't wear for more than 3 months will be donated, because obviously I don't really wear it.

I think buying new clothes is way easier than donating the old unused ones. Kan?
But I know at least 2 hoarders in my family, and I see how they get too attached on unused things. I didn't quite like the idea of wanting to collect and keep and collect and just make piles and piles of things that 'might-be-useful-someday'. You do know what I mean, right? Hoarders, keepers of things, the person who keeps things from 10 years ago, the collectors, the one with 6 watches, 7 shoes, and 15 hats?

The only thing I collect now is books.
And probably money :D

So do you think you are a hoarder?

4 comments on "Little House : Clothes minimal, NOT"
  1. I'm attached to my childhood storybooks and comics. Also, notebooks - I have tons of notebooks I'll probably never use but still keep them ... just in case.

    I don't have much stuff except that my books are scattered around the room and the clothes aren't really organized in the closet. And I always wear the same thing mainly because I don't really like to shop for clothes and I'm picky.

    1. Yess, I also have lots and lots of notebooks. Many of them are all spotchy because I've been keeping them for awhile :D Now I told myself that I wouldn't buy any new ones until I finish using all the old ones that I have.

      I also use and re-use the same clothes. That's why I was surprised when I did cleaning spree, I had too many things that I don't wear anymore. So I donated most of it.

  2. Haritu saya pindah bilik. Pening sampai takde tempat. I have a LOT of things and I really attached to them. Every little thing have sentimental value to me. Slowly I learn to let things go. Serious banyak sangat, and the thought of it might be useful one day haunt me. Hahaha

    1. Don't be a hoarder, don't put sentimental value on things.
      Even though people said that I'm such a heartless people, I believe in memories that resides in my mind instead of in things around me :D Hehe.