Tiny Thoughts : All things random in my life

  • Writing : Other than my personal blog, I write as a Chief Designer of Fin.my at : Fin's Medium , although I have my own personal Medium as well but I haven't write anything except replying to Mike Posner's post and liking other people's articles on weekly basis. Note : I write at Medium when I put on my nerd hat.     
  • Data : My new hard disk, Mr Buffalo *barely 4 months where I kept all data : works, projects, portfolios, inspiration, writings, downloaded vectors and pictures taken since 2009, was having hard time performing since it fell down flat on the floor. I tried to copy all the files *worth 200gb for the longest 5 weeks before any of my computers can no longer detect it. I went to the shop again with the hard disk and the receipt so they can send it back to the factory to get it fixed *3 years warranty and the guy said that all files were corrupted - with no luck in retrieving anything. In 2 minutes, he wiped out all the data when I said 'ok'. 2 short freakin' minutes. So I lost all pictures, the ones that I kept since 2009. What did I learned from this? I should have at least 2 backups, not 1 & don't ever trust ONLY ONE DEVICE to keep all your data - ever, and print out pictures that I want to keep for the future. T^T 
  • Books : New books coming up (they are still fresh on shelves, not even in paperback edition yet): The Spy by Paulo Coelho, Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak, Absolutely on Music by Haruki Murakami, The Magic String of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom, Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. I'm going to buy all these books once they are available in paperback version, or should I really consider to convert to e-book reader on Kindle (?). This year I only managed to read : 20 books only ! - this includes a lot of audio books and graphic novels, so I cheated !
  • Series : And have you watched Gilmore Girls revival ? I've waited 9 years for this T^T I missed them so dearly, so I didn't waited long to watch the whole 4 hours short series after they were released. It felt more like a new series just about to come out than a continuation of the old series. Not sure whether I'm still in Team Jess or whether I should think like a 30-year old now and be in Logan's team. When I was much younger, I know I would opt for Jess over and over but now I'm older, I'm a bit realistic when it comes to the choice of father-husband material. Ha.

  • 30 days challenge : My current challenge is to digitize everything in my sketch book for at least 1 page, daily. By the end of my 30 days challenge, I should at least have enough for my first printed zine. I still have time for my Saturn returns !! :F


2 comments on "Tiny Thoughts : All things random in my life"
  1. saturn returns?

    1. Yess, and it happens every 29 - 30 years. If I'm not reaching a huge great change in my life, I have to wait another 30 years and I don't have time for that. Hahaha. Like Murakami took the leap from the owner of a cafe/bar to become a writer at this age and because we share the same everything, I'd like to do that as well.

      Not that I trust such things, I just like to put a starting point to everything : like all these goals I've accumulated in life. But I am that kind of person : I like to set my mind on something and try to reach my expectation. And thiiisss, is my Saturn returns. (or I try) :D