Events : Junk-ed Maker's Market, Wisma Central

The last 2 weekend were spent at different events : 1. Junked Makers’ Market in Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang near KLCC and another one 2. Etsy Made Local, at Battery Acid Club in PJ. Both were a one-day event.


The day started early in the morning on Saturday - we both drove to KL almost late because the event was supposed to start at 10am and we went out quite late to buy the tiles to make the kitchen top at my apartment. So we used GPS and took MEX highway to avoid the unwanted traffic, I did a double check on the flat-rate parking fees at Avenue K : RM 5 for the whole day which seemed the most affordable and nearest one considering we were staying for the whole day. The items were all packed in 3 big bags that were easy to bring for a short walk across the road.

Little lights all over the event :


Junked Makers’ Market :
The event was located at Level 2, Wisma Central - the place that we sometimes go to print stuffs in the city. When I arrived at the place, the organizer greeted me. She recognized me immediately - she then ushered me to my booth. A nice booth located by the end of the corridor, next to the bigger space where people give talks and created art installation. There were little LED lights along the corridor : on the floor and on the ceiling, the place was a bit dark and not so good for business as people can't see clearly all the items on the desk - I wish I brought a desk lamp, but it was cozy and comfortable, macam tempat lepak2. Especially when they played a nice playlist of : the XX, Mew, Artic Monkey, etc all through the event. 

Note : This was also why I didn't take any photos for the event, the lighting was quite bad :F 
Here I took snapshots from Af's videos :


The vendors :
The event was a really small event with not more than 15 vendors, in conjunction with a cafe’s launching and several talks of the day about 3D printing and laser cutting. I met one of the artist that I really like the intenet : Syarifah Nadhirah. She does a really nice soft-coloured watercolour painting that I’ve come to like from her society6 account. So I bought two of her printed postcards : one of it was a picture of lime and lemon collection, and another one was a drawing of artichokes. I already put inside my journal. Oh, I also asked for her signature. I make that a habit - every time I buy postcard or art prints from artists or designers, I make sure I ask for their signature. As a token of a short awkward meetups. I will try better next time !

The organizers :
They also have a really nice friendly organizers. I felt a bit old, seeing this kids managing stuffs and all. But I also felt their strong vibes that I used to feel when I started my early years at events and booths. So it was a nice reminder :)


The video highlight :
Like always, video highlight was made by AF, 
please contact him for any projects regarding videos :

Outcome :
Sales : RM 200
- Booth rent : RM 60
- Parking : RM 5
- Foods of the day : RM 70
- Car : RM 30
My sales was not so great, just enough to pay the rent, eat lunches and dinner at IKEA and some extra more. The event was not too hectic and busy, people were friendly and supportive, just not so many crowds as I wish it would. 

Here is the poster I made for the event :


Here's a map of Prototype Gallery :

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